Friday, August 8, 2008

i would like my website to look like Apple's. my budget is $300.

if you work in a design office, your new favorite site is business guys on business trips. why? because its insanely true. you know it. laugh, be embarrassed and even cry because someone finally feels your pain.

...or perhaps if you're a client, you might learn something!!! $%*@@!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

thiiiis is how i exit the frame.

if you havent seen or heard of puppet up!, i suggest you add it to your tivo, like, yesterday. from the mind of brian henson, brillant offspring of jim henson, comes a completely improvised muppet show. think whose line is it anyway (the really awesomely dirty british version), but with muppets. yes, ryan styles...questionably a muppet, but no.

it was such a shame to see the muppets fade into obscurity years ago, i couldn't be more excited to see all these new venues for them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

paris hilton wants a cheetah.

thats right.

paris hilton...


a cheetah.

just say that to yourself a few times.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

apple print ads

oh, apple. you are the pinnacle of branded advertisement...but your old apple print ads look like a total 180 contrast to the simple type-centric ads of today. since i was only a wee youngen in the 80s, im not aware if this was standard tech print ad procedure - that is, to cram all available information on the page like this. it looks like someone is a little quark-crazy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

and now i rant.

first, ill admit, i have never designed a movie poster and gotten paid for it. you can direct all nasty mail to my sister.

but more importantly, there is a blog, which shall remain nameless, in which i frequent, that is a collection of movie posters. unfortunatly, along with the movie posters, you get a nice dose of "opinions". i love opinions, what i dont neccessarily care for is critiques from people who have no bearing to critique. perhaps you dont agree with me, you say "hey! this is america! free speech, idiot!" to which i reply...exactly, shut up!

this guy negatively puts down every poster on the site - all with no obvious knowledge other than he's seen alot of movies. well, so has my mom.

not to mention, since when does seeing movies make you an advertising expert? and why post something just to tear it apart?

oh wait.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my mom always hated you, sarah marshall!!

first, a bit of self-promotion and the reason for which i haven't been posting often: please check out the brand spakin' new site for the 70 year long running soap, guiding light! yay!

second, im sure you have all been noticing the wonderful viral for "forgetting sarah marshall", written by and starring jason segal, kristen bell, mila kunis, paul rudd, jonah hill and bill hader. besides the billboards, there is also a fake blog devoted to hating on sarah marshall, a fake sarah fansite and of course a myspace page. who knows what's up next.

between this, dark knight and the past viral for nine inch nails' year zero it seems like this is the year for viral. its really being used to its full potential lately by creating a virtual world of sorts to engulf the user in. and goddamnit, its fun.

Monday, February 25, 2008

brad renfro omitted from oscar memoriam

Nearly 100 industry heavyweights were honored last night during the Academy Awards' "In Memoriam" video package, but not 25-year-old star Brad Renfro, who died last month from an accidental heroin overdose in his Los Angeles home.

According to a spokeswoman at the Academy, the omission was not an intentional slight but a necessity, given limited time to make and show the piece.

"Obviously, [that piece] is not something that we can continue to cut right up until the day of the show, so there's a point at which we have to make difficult decisions," she told MTV News. "It's a very difficult piece to put together every year, but we're just not able to include everyone. There were many people [this year] who were not included."

i call bullshit. brad renfro passed away a week before heath ledger - yet they made time to add him? plus, I know it takes time to render, get video, etc. but if my agency can create a huge website in a month, that's way more than enough time to add a static image and a name to the end of a footage reel.